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New:  A Matter of Convergence:
Cross-Promoting Sustainable Tourism and Renewable Energy

The Challenge:

  • Project Manager/Consultant on Sustainable Tourism Development

  • Regional Manager/Representative or Coordinator

  • Director of a Tourism Representation abroad

  • Director of a Tourism Promotion Board

  • The Solution:

    Max Haberstroh
    (staatl./international geprüfter Betriebswirt)
    International Consultant on Sustainable Tourism
    Branding, Destination Management, Marketing

    Webdesign: Rudolf Haberstroh,

    Key Assets

  • Disposing of a global network of valuable business contacts
  • Providing management, participatory leadership and guidance

  • Insitution/Capacity building, governance and policy developing

  • Intercultural consulting and management, On-the-job training

  • Branding/Marketing/Promoting destinations & investment places

  • Integrated Sustainable Tourism Development

  • Building up and managing cross-sector relationships

  • Negotiating and cooperating on all levels

  • Drafting and carrying out public awareness initiatives

  • Setting up integrative work programs/action plans; budgeting

  • Achieving strategic objectives

  • Proficiency in communicating with public media

  • License to managing complex systems by Prof. Dr. Frederic Vester’s® Sensitivity Model

  • Practicing brand management (following Hans Domizlaff’s Markentechnik) as a psychological method on sustainably positioning destinations, organizations, and products

  • Leading missions,
    where a “pioneer” spirit is needed

  • 30+ Years of Professional Experience -
    50/50 in Central Europe and Abroad

    > Brazil (as of mid-2007)
    > Madagascar
    > Montenegro/Kroatia, Kosovo, Bulgaria/Turkey
    > Argentina
    > Kyrgyz Republic/Central Asia, Russia
    > Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Singapore, Iraq.

    6 Languages

    > German
    > English, French, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese (started)

    Max Haberstroh


    An economist (staatlich geprüfter Betriebswirt) in tourism, I have been involved in Travel and Tourism for over 30 years, on long and short-term assignments, mostly for government and non-government organizations (GTZ, CIM, OTCA/ACTO, Conservation International, IFES …), in Asia (Central Asia, Southeast Asia, Middle East), Africa/Indian Ocean, the Balkans, Caucasus and Russia, and in South America. I was entrusted with helping build up and develop sustainable/responsible tourism on national or regional/supra-regional level; focuses: institution building and marketing/promotion.

    Three professional milestones include:

    - first international experiences as an assistant to diplomatic missions of then West-Germany in Southeast Asia (mid-/late 1970s),
    - the position as the marketing director to the Nuremberg Municipality (7 years),
    - consulting projects in Kyrgyzstan (7+ years), prior to Russia, Madagascar, Brazil and other postings in Germany and abroad.

    Extraordinary life experience:

    Periods of political upheaval I witnessed on place, turned out to be the aftermath of the Viet Nam war (1976 ff), when Communism stood in its zenith, the fall of the Iron Curtain (1989) and Germany’s reunification. Through the years following the break-up of the Soviet Union (1991) I lived and worked in Russia and her neighbouring Central Asian transformation countries. Moreover, due to business and leasure travels to China, from 1976 to 2001, I witnessed the spectacular ecnomic changes that took capitalism to Maoist China.


    Deutsche pdf-version (-2007): Lebenslauf.pdf (82kB)
    English pdf-version (-2012): Current cv in English, click here: curriculumvitae.pdf (317kB)
    pdf-version française (-2007): curriculum vitae.pdf (82kB)
    pdf-versión española (-2007): curriculum vitae.pdf (81kB)
    pdf-versão portuguesa (-2007): curriculum vitae.pdf (84kB)
    Русский вариант-pdf (-2007): Резюме.pdf (298kB)

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    A Matter of Convergence:
    Cross-Promoting Sustainable Tourism and Renewable Energy
    Presentation at the 2011 World Travel Market (World Travel Market, London):
    Renewable Energy - the ´DNA´ of Sustainable Tourism
    11 Questions and Answers:
    Renewable Energy and Sustainable Tourism
    Skype-Presentation at the 2011 Member Conference of The Regional Initiative (TRI), Tashkent (Uzbekistan):
    Reinventing the Silk Roads: Wheels for Peace and Sustainable Tourism in the Region
    Cross-Promotion of Sustainable/Responsible Tourism and Renewable Energy:
    A Convenient Truth for Tourism (179kB)

    Wasserfallregion (Schwarzwaldtourismus):
    "Das “Filetstück” – verramscht: Was ist los mit der Wasserfallregion?" (95kB)
    Mühlen, Höfe und drei Seen
    "Qualitätstourismus" in der Wasserfall-Region (171kB)
    Beitrag zur nachhaltigen Schwarzwald-Wahrnehmung (129kB)
    Impressionen und Ideen (Erste Detaillierungsstufe) (68kB)
    Ein Detailbeispiel: Eine neue Schwarzwalduhr - die Mühlenuhr (ges. gesch.)
    Kühne Ideen mit Bodenhaftung (108kB)

    Al Camino de la Magia del Amazonas:
    Amazonía Mágica – Reflexiones básicas (268kB)

    Hand- und Lehrbuch (deutsche Version):
    Der Kirgisische Weg zur "Marke" (2,29MB)

    Учебный справочник (русский вариант):
    Кыргызский путь к обретению Имени (3,02MB)

    Instruction Handbook and Training Manual:
    The Kyrgyz Way to Branding (front page only, 127kB)

    Tourism - Implementation Guideline / Policy Statement
    Kosovo Tourism (20 pages pdf, 127kB)
    Kosovo Tourism Policy (25 pages pdf, 343kB)

    Concept fédérateur:
    Madagascar: Branding, Marketing, Promotion

    Mode d'emploi pour la promotion intégrale du pays,
    suivant son Plan d'Action Madagascar/Madagascar Action Plan (MAP)
    (122 pages pdf, 1,06MB)


    Hans Domizlaff – Immortal Master of Brand Management
    Special Information: Hans Domizlaff’s Revival
    (2 pages pdf, 10kB)

    Pater Pedro – Kämpfer der Hoffnung für die Kinder Madagaskars
    Père Pedro – Combattant de l’Espérance pour les enfants de Madagascar

    Sonderhinweis : Biografie eines Missionars
    Information spéciale: Biographie d’un Missionnaire
    = „Mode d’emploi” pour les experts en développement (sera completé)
    (12 Seiten/12 pages, 307kB)

    Biografie eines Missionars (2)
    Biographie d’un Missionnaire (2)
    (7 Seiten/7 pages, 87kB)